Re-Thinking Anxiety

**This course is not currently running. Please see Stress Control or ACTivate your life ** 

Re-thinking Anxiety is a course for anyone who is experiencing mild to moderate stress and anxiety. This is a 3 week beginners course for those who are new to psycho educational courses and would like to learn  tips and techniques for managing stress and anxiety.

The course will be delivered via Zoom; therefore you will need to have an email address and access to the internet.

Please find below, a brief summary of each session, the weekly handouts and further resources which are available to download and/or print at home. You can also contact us if you wish to receive a printed copy when you register on the course.  

Week 1

Stress and anxiety



Self care

Course Resources 

Week 1 Handout


Week 2


Challenging Unhelpful Thinking

Attention training


Course Resources

Week 2 Handout

Week 2 Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Week 2 Challenging Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Week 2 Gratitude Journal



The course was well set out and the handouts made it great for going back over the session later on to really take on board what had been discussed. It was great to be able to access this online.


It helped increase my knowledge & understanding of anxiety.


Thank you to our funders