Join Our Mission for Inclusive Mental Health! 

Mind in the Vale of Glamorgan is actively seeking dedicated individuals from underrepresented groups to join us as Trustees. We believe that diversity strengthens our ability to make a positive impact on mental health in our community. If you’re passionate about mental health and eager to bring your unique perspective to the table, we want to hear from you!

We Celebrate Diversity!

Mind in the Vale of Glamorgan is looking for Trustees from the following underrepresented groups:

Young Trailblazers: Are you under 30 and ready to make a difference? We’re seeking the energy and creativity of young leaders to shape the future of mental health support.

LGBTQ Advocates: Join us in creating a safe and inclusive space for all. Your lived experiences and advocacy can help us better serve the LGBTQ community.

Voices from Poverty: If you’ve faced the challenges of living in poverty, your insights are crucial. Help us address the unique needs of individuals navigating mental health in these circumstances.

Champions of Color: We invite persons of color to join our board and contribute to building a diverse and representative organization that reflects the richness of our community.

Why Become a Trustee?

As a Trustee, you will:

Drive Change: Play a key role in shaping mental health services and support in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Advocate for Inclusivity: Help us create a more inclusive and affirming environment for everyone.

Share Your Wisdom: Contribute your unique perspective to address the diverse challenges faced by our community.

Learn and Grow: Gain valuable experience in governance, leadership, and community engagement.

Applications opening in January 2024

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Our Trustees

Photo of trustee, Kevin Canning

Kevin Canning


General Profile

Over the years I have worked across a variety of fields. I spent many years working within the  Trade Union as a shop steward which enhanced my communication and negotiation skills. I have also fulfilled a safety rep role. I went on to take on supervisory, management and training roles across hospitality and industrial settings.

I am currently the chair of Mind in the Vale where I call upon the skills I have developed in my working life and also my lived experience within mental health.   

Skills profile

  • Group Facilitator
  • Knowledge of voluntary setting
  • Peer Support
  • Lived Mental Health Experience
  • Training / Management
  • Health and Safety

Personal Profile

Originally from Mountain Ash, I have lived in Barry for over 40 years. I have a passion for music – in particular playing guitar and spending time with family and friends.   

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Photo of trustee, Christine Windle

Christine Windle


General Profile

My career history includes 17 years working for the Post Office. I have successfully set up and run a business for ten years prior to joining Mind in the Vale in 2004. In 2016 I chose to retire due to family commitments. I still wanted to be a part of the team and support the wonderful work that the charity does, which led me to join the board of trustees. Recently I have taken on the role of Treasurer.


  • Finance
  • People Management
  • Carers
  • Understanding of the Voluntary Sector
  • Mental Health 

Personal Profile

I am a very family orientated person and enjoy spending time with my 3 daughters, son in laws and 7 grandchildren. I am an avid reader with a particular interest in detective novels. 

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Photo of trustee, Samantha Reynolds

Samantha Reynolds

General Profile

I have spent over 10 years volunteering with the Youth offending team where I fulfilled the role of ‘appropriate adult’, advocating on behalf of young people and ensuring their welfare needs are met and later, ‘transporting officer’ and ‘hours supervisor’. I have also gained experience in the field of homelessness whilst volunteering with the Huggard.

I have lived experience of mental health which has brought me to volunteer within Mind in the Vale and am currently proud to act as a Trustee. I am also a full time carer for my daughter who has disabilities.

Skills profile

  • Secondary Care experience
  • Mental health lived experieicne
  • Youth offending
  • Homelessness  
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Caring lived experience

Personal Profile

I have lived in Barry all my life and have brought up my 4 children here. I am passionate about animals and enjoy spending looking after my horses and dogs and spending time with friends and family.

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Photo of trustee, Dr Martin Coleman

Dr Martin Coleman


I have been on the board of trustees of Mind in the Vale for some years

As a recently retired GP in the town, I can see at first hand the need for mental health care provision. I have always been very impressed by the way Mind in the Vale have proactively stepped in to help fill the gap in local services, with efficient, effective, organised and service-user orientated care.

I have felt honoured to be able to offer my small part in supporting this organisation as a trustee.

Skill profile

  • Mental health in the community
  • Staff Management
  • Communication skills
  • General medical practice

Personal Profile

I live locally with my partner; our three children having left home. I now have time for wellbeing and fitness, with regular Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi.

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Photo of trustee, Jeremy Lewis

Jeremy Lewis

General Profile

I have worked in IT delivery and change for over 30 years, across 16 organisations in both profit and not for profit environments.  I’m a keen advocate for greater mental health awareness and community support.  I also enjoy volunteering and have been part of several boards.  

Skills Profile

  • Programme management & transformational change
  • Information Technology
  • Communications and Engagement
  • People management
  • Strategy development

Personal Profile

Aside from spending time with my wife and children, in my spare time I enjoy singing, drawing, and sailing.

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Photo of trustee, Imelda Doherty

Imelda Doherty

General Profile

I spent just under 15 years employed as a social worker in statutory mental health services in the Vale of Glamorgan. I always worked closely with Mind in the Vale and very much admired the hard work and commitment they gave to improve outcomes for those living with mental difficulties. When my own lived experience of mental health difficulties led to my inability to continue in that role I came to understand first hand the depth and extent to which Mind in the Vale can help individuals, and work along side, and in partnership with other organisations to bring about positive outcomes and better life experiences for all who experience mental ill health.

In more recent years I have written extensively both through poems and prose about my own journey and experience of living with mental health difficulties. 

Since the loss of my son in law to suicide I have campaigned and fundraised for non profit organisations to raise awareness and promote prevention of suicide. So it is my privilege to now be able to share my time, knowledge and lived experience as a member of the board of trustees for Mind in the Vale. 


Lived experience; Mental Health in the community; Working in organisations; Policy development; Risk management (in community); Advocacy; Report writing; Teaching and staff development; A commitment to lifelong learning. 

Personal Profile

In my personal time I enjoy walks with my dog Lincoln all over Barry but especially on the beaches. Lincoln and I also enjoy to canoe around Barry dock so if you spot someone canoeing on the dock with a wee white dog, it’s likely to be me and Lincoln! I enjoy Tai Chi and am part of a group that practices every Sunday on Barry Island beach. I am a published poet and enjoy writing about any and every topic but have written extensively about my experience of living with mental health difficulties. I found that writing was a way of coping with my experiences and very much helped with my ongoing healing. Though it’s not all serious I have written lots of humorous poems and many verses for friends and family weddings and birthdays! 

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