Guided Self-Help

Mind in the Vale are pleased to offer one-to-one guided self help sessions (also known as CCI’s – Centre for clinical intervention) as part of a Tier Zero contract within GP’s surgeries and Mind in the Vale.

What is a CCI?

A CCI is a six week course of guided self-help, on a one-to-one basis. There are nine different courses offered, each looking at different areas. Each course teaches skills and techniques to enable people to cope differently with the effects of their mental health. All courses are broken down into a number of modules which are given in the form of workbooks each week. You will meet with the staff member once a week for a short meeting to discuss how you are getting on and to collect your next modules for the following week.  To get the best out of the CCI, people should expect to read all the material and complete all the exercises.

The nine courses are:

Assertiveness, Self Esteem, Depression, Panic, Worry, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Social Anxiety and Distress Intolerance.

In addition to the CCI materials, assistance with practical matters is also offered. Through the use of the Recovery Star, a holistic recovery focused tool, practical problems in a person’s life can be identified. We also use a measuring tool known as the CORE 34 to monitor progress and outcomes. Social Prescribing and referrals to many other services can then be made. Issues including debt, employment advice, careers advice and many others can be identified and dealt with in this way.

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